Lighting Designer, Coombes & Gabbie



“会议的最后期限挑战,项目管理,有效的客户沟通,准备和读图 - 这样的例子不胜枚举。有室内设计背景帮助我在可视化的整体设计和空间的外观和照明设计如何能够用于补充本。“
路易丝·雷恩 started at Coombes & Gabbie Lighting Design shortly after graduating with Wintec’s 文凭在室内设计, and has advanced quickly into a lighting design role where she has the opportunity to work closely with clients on their building projects. 

“随着我们合作的客户是谁,改造,建设一个新的家庭或商业项目提供照明,以补充设计,这样每次使用空间,”路易丝说。 “我的天都花在学习建筑图纸创建照明设计,客户咨询,实地考察,联络随着构建承包商参与和展示厅与查询处理。有很多项目管理所需的每一个项目,通过取得圆满成功,确保“。 

路易丝使用学习期间内饰文凭的技能设计的每一天,她说。 “会议的最后期限挑战,项目管理,有效的客户沟通,准备和读图 - 这样的例子不胜枚举。有内部助攻设计在了我的背景可视化的整体设计和空间的外观以及如何采光设计,可用于补充本。“她还发现有价值拥有从概念设计过程的深入了解,通过建设。

Every completed project is exciting, says Louise. “I find making an impact on the way people live in their homes hugely satisfying. I was also fortunate enough to work with Jon & Gemma Bridges on their new home in Mt Roskill, Auckland, resulting in my design being published on Jon’s ‘We’re Building a House’ blog on” 

Future aims for Louise are to continue to grow within Coombes & Gabbie Lighting Design and to build a client base. “Eventually I’d like to have my work be nationally recognized - or maybe even internationally.”